Monday, November 14, 2011

Graphic lettering

Okay. Here's a quick and dirty update on this technique. You'll only need 2 layers for this technique.
Open a  a new transparent background.
First PLACE a background layer. Use any pics.
Next add your LARGE text layer on top.
Then switch the two layers. Picture layer on top of text layer.
If you can't see the text you are right where you need to be.
Hold down OPTION key and click.
I added a shadow and a GRADIENT layer which goes on the to.
If you don'twant the white background save as a png.
End of... 

You can download a .png of this on my Deviant Art account here.


  1. Thanks for sharing info like this! Invaluable to newbies like me...

  2. Thanks Melissa. I appreciate your comment. Feel feel to browse my archives and have a further look around. I like your blog!



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