Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog. Trying to get together a giveaway to celebrate my 7,000 views. This time I'm hoping for sponsors to participate and provide prizes. If you're interested in providing something from your shop, shoot me an email. I'll provide the free advertising.

I have views from 87 countries. Here's a map of all the different ones.

87 Countries
 Also, for Grunge lovers everywhere I've added a link to a great collection of Grunge fonts including a ransom letter type font. Thanks from Shadowhouse for  the link.

Also a word about spammers. Yes, that means you, you creeps! FYI, I will not open any comments marked Anonymous , EVER. Spamming on my blog is a new thing. I've received 22 spam emails in the last 6 weeks.

So please when you leave a comment don't mark it  Anonymous, otherwise I won't open it. Having said that I did open Tisha's comment today. That will be the last one. I absolutely love getting comments and feedback of all sorts from my readers. There's a button with a baby on it that says , "Talk to me." Click on it to email me. There's also a tab on the top of the posts that you can click to find contact info.

Here's a sample of the Black Casper Font. Feel free to download it. Or better still, you can get the font for yourself at

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