Monday, December 26, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Replacing Colour

Just like in real life: if you don't like the colour of your dress, you can change it. Unlike in real life you can't change the colour of someone else's dress.

Here's how:
Use your magic wand tool to select (in this case a coat). You can do this by double  clicking the wand on the coat. You will see the outline of your selection. You can expand or contract the selection by making the number in the TOLERANCE box at the top of your screen. I used 30 for this selection. Don't worry you can always change it back, or if things get really ugly you can DESELECT under the SELECT menu. Mac users can hit Command d and start again. Your coat should look like this.
Jacket is selected.
Next go to the ENHANCE drop down menu at the top. Pull it down and select ADJUST COLOUR. This will bring out a fly out menu asking how you want to adjust the colour. Click on REPLACE COLOUR. Here'swhat you will see.
Replace colour.

Now a new menu will pop up and it looks like this.
Replace colour menu.
Notice that it will show the coat selection. Also notice that SELECTION is picked. Don't change that. However, in future you could miss the selection steps and just select the entire photo to change the tint if you wanted to.

Now you can play around with it using this part of the menu. You will see the colours change as you drag the HUE slider. If you don't then increase the LIGHTNESS slider.
Change the colour here.
This is all much easier to see on a light coloured selection.
When you are happy hit OK. The box will disappear and then you can deselect the coat.
Good luck and any questions or comment are appreciated and answered.

Vintage photo from Quaddles.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Take a Look at those Links!

Okay, I have tendonitis. I really tried to stay off my computer. I tried using my tablet with my left hand. But tonight I couldn't stand it anymore.

So I decided to organize my link list. It is now organized into smaller lists under different headings. I hope this helps you to navigate through the links and find what you want. As always, if anyone finds some links they think are useful, send them along and I'll add them.
Okay, I'm going to find a bag of frozen peas for my arm.


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