Monday, July 4, 2011

Thank You Everyone

Thanks to all those who participated in my contest even though it was short notice.
In the last week I recieved 400 views from around the world.
Altogether I have had views from 75 different countries.

In between blog posts I've been busy looking for new resources. In particular, I have found some excellent sites for grunge lovers the world over. They have been added to my list of links. If any of you find links or blogs on how to work with photoshop; or great links send them along for the rest of us to enjoy. I am thinking of adding guest bloggers. So if you have something that may be of use let me know and I may feature you as a guest blogger. This is your chance to try your hand at blogging.

If you do put something together or just want to chat it up I have a new button you can click on to send an email. The picture to click on to email me is the baby with the phone. It says, "Talk to me."

I've noticed that there are blogs that have all their comments showing. I would like to do this too. I sometimes love reading the comments as much as the blog post. I know it probably entails making a check in some little box , but so far, haven't found anything. If you know how to do it shoot me an email and I'll add it to my next blog post giving you the credit of course.

Some of you have noticed my shop page. I was trying to put in an online shop using Open Source software. If IKEA means out of stock in Swedish, then open source means endless headaches. I will try again soon.

So until next time, turn up the music, turn down the lights and start creating


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