Saturday, April 23, 2011


Did you ever take a great photo of your kid only to realize your thumb was on part of the lens? Well that's your problem.
However if you took a great photo of your kid at the garbage dump or some other unattractive surrounding I have a solution for you. I came across a great series of tutorials to extract any object from  any photo. Here it is:

Another well laid out site that offers tutorials is:

It has literally hundreds of thumbnails of different techniques. It's geared towards people with the full photoshop. However, a lot of tuts are easily used with Elements. This is how it works. People submit links to tutorials they have made and they are reviewed and then posted on the site. If you make a tut then you can submit it as well.

I added another link from  Enrique Flouret to a very similiar site he runs because in addition to the tut, he has a plethora of links and resources. It's called the Photoshop Roadmap.

Good luck with these. They will keep you busy for awhile.
Before I go I'd like to leave you with one more link.
This site has a few freebies. Overall you can buy font files (if you couldn't figure out the carved ice text tutorial), templates and lots of other graphic elements. These are very inexpensive starting at $2. This site is extremely safe for downloading.

You will find these links at the top of my link list.
Happy Easter!

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