Thursday, April 28, 2011

NeonSun STUDIOS - Adventures in Photoshop

After noticing a recent, sudden spike in visitors from all over the world I decided to google my blog.

If you are here to see naked woman then just go away. You should be ashamed.

If you are here to learn more about photoshop as I discover more techniques and resources then I welcome you to my new layout. I decided to brighten things up for spring.

I have to apologize for my lack of attention. I'm planning a trip to Europe and trying to load my ipod touch with a lot of apps that will help me keep in touch. It's also a bit of a learning curve trying to use it. It's complicated by the fact that no one at the Apple store bothered to mention that ipod touch is pretty much useless unless you have a wireless connection.

I don't have a wireless connection in my house so I've been spending too much time at Safeway, which oddly enough has the only FREE wifi in the city. Although if you have a library card you can connect for free in the libraries. Other than that I have to drink a lot of coffee in a wifi hotspot.

While in London I'll be taking a Tim Holtz grungeboard workshop with Suzie Jefferson of 1st Floor Flat (check the sidebar for the link). The shop that it's in is across from the British Museum. So this is pretty much the perfect day for me.
I'm going to take as many pics as possible of all manner of things, so I can use them in my artwork. Will be on the lookout for ephemera. Any suggestions are appreciated. So look forward to some clipart freebies here.

I was playing around with some soft brushes in Elements. I sized the brushes at 300px then overlapped them.
Next I:

 ENHANCE->ADJUST COLOUR->COLOUR VARIATIONS to play around with toning and make the brushstroke meld together. It's a great way to make some texture of your own.

 On the piece below I added a TEXTURE  from the FILTER menu called TEXTURIZER.

© NeonSun Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

You may of noticed the new header on my blog. It's the same one as I used for my Etsy shop. I saved it as a PSD so as to make changes at a later date. Taking the time to save your work as a PSD is really worth the time. There are a lot of times I wished I had of done it. In this case, I was able to use the header from my Etsy shop and make it larger for my blog. It gave me an opportunity to add some more graphics and change the font and colour and size of the font.

This was the first banner I made without border.
#2 with border
I didn't like the name, border colour,  font or the collage sheets at either end.
Crow & background courtesy of Land of Nod. Faded text brush by Starwalt Designs.
The end result is still another change. You can see that header at the top of the page.

It's almost 3am so I'll stop there and next post I'll explain how to make a solid colour frame as seen above. The colour of the frame can be 'picked from the actual artwork to make it fit in instead of stand out.


  1. great tutorial I have been wanting to manipulate my paintings with Photoshop, just still have not gotten around to it. Enjoy your visit to Europe.

  2. Thanks Maggie. I hope the new screenshots will help.



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