Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rough up Your Artwork

There are some quick and dirty (just an expression) demos . I liked the grunge distressed demos. Of course. They are for Tim Holtz materials. But you can adapt the techniques using whatever is at hand. I used some ink I already had and scraped the excess ink off with paper towel. Then I used the paper towel to pick up some black ink from my stamp pad and went around the edge of my ATC with it for the grunge effect. Clear as mud? That's why God invented pictures. Here's the ATC.

© NeonSun Studios. J.R. Currie All rights reserved 2010

A word about coloured inks. If you haven't used them before, give it a try. I've always used Winsor &  Newton Inks. But check out some others. They always give great results and the colours are very vibrant. Start out with red, yellow and blue because you can mix them. Use a bottle cap to mix them in. A very little goes a long way. Once they are dry, you can stamp on them or use Black Indian Ink on top.

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