Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Please Mr. Postman

It's been a busy month. In the last month I:
- joined an ATC Trading group on Yahoo
-  set up a Flickr account for Trading cards (100 views on one set)
- made a website
- started to work with photoshop
- started a blog
- participated in 3 swaps
- made 15 private trades
- made 45 ATCs
- Got to know the guy at Canada Post.

So, suddenly I show up at Canada Post to mail a bulky envelope to another country. Then the next day the same thing; and on it goes. Maybe it was me, but I couldn't help feeling he was becoming suspicous. Then (because we're Canadian) there were polite enquires about the nature of the bulky envelopes. Perhaps he'd taken a workshop at Canada Post titled, "Why middle aged women smuggle drugs through the mail". I would politely (because I'm Canadian) provide him with small scraps of information on the contents of the envelopes. I wasn't trying to be elusive; I just didn't want to hold up the line because...

Yesterday, I tried to explain what I was doing. He looked perplexed. The woman in line holding a small baby cleared her throat in a meaningful way. I left.

Today I brought some ATCs for him to look at. No one was there, so it was perfect. I elaborated and explained how it all worked. Maybe it was my imagination, but he seemed to be relieved. At last the cloud of suspicion was being lifted. It was going so well.
Then, behind me I heard someone politely cough.

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