Monday, January 9, 2012

New Store + Thanks

I've added a store to my blog. I'm just trying it out. So far everything works. I still have a way to go on this. Just to warn you, if you click on the buy button you'll end up at paypal.

Also I'd like to extend a big welcome to all the great folks that have begun to follow me recently. Of course, I really appreciate all of you that have been following.


  1. Your Etsy store really catches the eye! Such beautiful work! I hope you get more sales.

  2. Thanks Sandy. I had a good startthis weekend. And feel free to buy anything you want. :) Happy travels.

  3. Cool idea to set up a store! I had no idea you could do that on blogger!

  4. Yes, It's quite straightforward with paypal and there's no monthly fee like the e-cart services out there.

  5. Oops! Holly and Sandy thanks for following! :)



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