Friday, September 9, 2011

Time For A Move?

Should I or shouldn't I? To move or not to move?
I'm thinking about a lot of things lately.
Thinking about my art.
Thinking selling on Etsy is a very poor way to make a retirement income.
Thinking that maybe in order to go forward I have to step back.

When I started on computers I used to fix my own computer, crack open the casing and scratch my knuckles raw to add components. Ahhh, the good old days---NOT! However I do look back at my days of working with open source operating systems and programs with a certain fondness in the sense that I was constantly learning and suffering along with others who couldn't print after downloading the latest Linux release.

First background.

I started doing art on The Gimp. I coded my web pages from scratch and my first header was done on The Gimp.

My first website Header

I started trading ATCs on the Nervousness site. My first intro to collage.

Before I understood copyright laws.

I've drifted away from that community. A community I trusted and loved. I miss it.

Somewhere along the way I (maybe all of us) drifted into a world that lacked even basic privacy. A world where total strangers are asking us personal questions in order to use their websites. A world where computer support means walking into the Macstore and being flogged some piece of hardware to fix my problem. Where, who you are, is what you own.

I want back quality.
I want back my privacy.
I don't want a world where Google knows more about me than my friends do.

So I'm opting out of Google+
I'm winding down my Etsy shop.
I'm going to spend more time blogging and doing the artwork I love. I'm going to spend more time on Flickr and follow the work of some of the great digital artists there that have such a wonderful inspiration.
And I'm going to spend more time learning to be a better artist. I started this blog as a journey to share what I've learned with other like  minded people. I still think that's worthwhile.

I've always been an artist and artisan. I've always thought that it's good to share knowledge Because I know a technique that someone else doesn't know, doesn't make me a better artist and vice versa. I know I am in good company where that belief is concerned.

I'm looking into moving this blog over to Wordpress. It provides me with a bit more flexibility to do the things I want to do. Also it seems to be more graphically orientated. I will also move my shop onto my new site and will be able to sell things like digital brushes and Patterns. Digital work is something I love doing and want to focus my interests in that direction.

So as the changes take place I'll keep everyone informed. There are people that follow me in 83 different countries. Not everyone wants to stand up and be counted, but knowing you are out there keeps me blogging.


  1. Follow your heart desires and keep posted, you have followers that will back you up!!good luck !

  2. Good for you! We only grow when we are ready to learn something new and take a chance!
    Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

  3. I don't know what about it but this blog was very moving for me. Perhaps it was the honesty or perhaps I saw myself. Whatever it was I agree that you should follow your heart and keep the passion for what you are doing and where you are going.



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