Thursday, September 22, 2011


I think we have all been there. You make a piece of art, it's 3am and you hit the save as a psd button to work on it later.

Sadly sometimes we flatten the image first and only have 1 lousy layer for our PSD.

I did that with the image below. I was hoping to work on it later. Now I have a flattened image that I can't work on. I can't unflatten it. When I opened the .psd file there was only the one layer. My, "Oh, No, No, No' echoed through the building. I wanted to cry.

I googled, Unflatten image in photoshop and found page after page of people pleading for help. Why does photoshop do this? I even checked the Adobe site. It was basically, Sorry sucka.

There is one tip I have to offer. When saving, look to the bottom left of the save  screen. There is a box that asks, save as a copy? Check that box. Apparently it will save the original .psd.

Save as a copy.
I know it's not much, but it's all we have.

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