Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Metal

I have a lot of hand drawn vintage clipart. I loaded some of it on my computer. There were a few pocket watches in there. I have scoured the internet trying to add a metallic finish to them without loosing detail and ending up with the shape of a pocket watch with a metallic gradient slapped on it. Here I'll show you.
La Pocket watch graphic
I have added gradients, embossed, mutiplied, plasticised without much luck. If anyone comes up with a good tutorial let me know. Here's my result.
La Pocket watch done to death.

It's severely lacking in detail and doesn't have a lovely gold finish on it.
When I was just about to close up I found a tutorial that included doing what I wanted. I want to go to sleep so I haven't tried it yet. Here's the link:

I was so happy to find it I added his site to blogs I Follow. I'll move it to the links section another evening. It has this and many other photoshop tutorials you can check out.
And if you can find a tut for adding a big, shiny skin on my graphic, post it here.
Goodnight all.

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