Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grab My Banner

You may notice at the top right is my Banner (logo). Sometimes the smallest things  keep bugging me. Making a banner and adding the HTML is one of those things; specifically adding the HTML.
I found some instructions on an Etsy blog team. This led me to their site.

They have some basic instructions for doing it. On Blogger you will have to add a gadget called the HTML-javascript gadget and put your code in there. It took me a few tries to get it right. OK, several tries.

First you have to name a location of where the graphic is. I had mine on Flickr. When you click on a photo on Flickr to see a larger view there are 3 buttons above the picture. One of them is the SHARE button. If you click on that it gives you the option to copy the code for that picture.
Click on my logo to see the Flickr page that matches.


- a href = go to (a website)
- img src = image search or search for image at this address
- textarea = is make a little text box
- alt = text that is under or over the photo

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