Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ladies Adjust your colour and your curves

Okay, just a quick post before I fall asleep on my keyboard. Your homework is to play with Levels and Adjust Curves. Grab a graphic and a background to work with.  Click on the Enhance tab and you will find Adjust lighting-->levels. Believe me you'll have hours of fun.

But when you get bored check out Enhance-->Adjust colour-->Adjust colour curves. Even more fun. That's it. And don't forget to play. Promise yourself you are not going to keep the end result. Allow yourself to go wild.

If you do something you don't like the Edit-->Revert to get back to the original. Or you can delete moves by hitting Command Z (on the mac). That simple keystroke can really enhance creativity, just knowing you can go backwards. Have fun and play, play, play.

© NeonSun Studios, j. Currie. All rights reserved

It's just that easy. This photo consists of 2 layers, and a Drop Shadow. I defringed the image but not enough. I went in at 25 and I could have upped it to 35 or even 40.

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  1. Visiting via PixelBerry's linky... This is such a cool image, and it looks so simple. Thanks for the tips!



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