Monday, December 13, 2010

Playing Around with Brushes

Just a short post about playing with brushes.
I was looking at some awesome wallpapers at when I realized that a lot of them were made using stamp brushes, her stamp brushes. I thought it would be fun to try and get some of the same results.
I already know that I can add shadows to a brush by using the FX styles and double clicking on a drop shadow.
Then I realized I could use anything in the STYLES pallette. I could use a glass button to make the stamp shiny or add a metallic finish. So I whiled away the better part of the day trying out new combinations. Here's something I came up with. Most of the piece is made using brushes and FX from thr SYLE menu. Notice the 2 sets of crows. They are made with the same brush. One layer is flat while the top layer of crows has a shadow added.

About the Styles Pallette
Once you start playing around with the styles pallette you will probably want to add some more surface textures. is a good place to find some free ones to experiment with. is a site which you have to pay for FX.
Both sites have good work.

I save the style to downloads.

- The style will have  .asl  where the .jpg usually is. Your style will be marked FX . At the bottom will be the word styles.


-Next open PRESETS where you will see your STYLES folder.
Just drop the style in there.

You will probably need to re-open elements before the new style is recognized. Also you can add as many as you want at the same time.  I've found that most patterns and brushes will work in Elements; but not all styles will.

Here's a tutorial about styles.

Have fun!
If you have a problem adding a STYLE then check out the questions. I have written a more detailed post on the topic.


  1. Where are the FX styles and the Styles palette located exactly? I think I may be going through menopause because I really feel vacant in the mind. But if you could tell me where to click to find those it would help me. :)))

  2. Good question Lisa. The STYLES palette is actually called the EFFECTS palette. It's on the righthand side of Elements in the same area that the LAYERS palette is. In that palette, below where it says EFFECTS is the FX option.

  3. You can't drag the STYLE into the open Elements program. You have to dig through the files. Also you don't need the program to be open when you do this because all you're doing is adding the style to a folder, just the same as adding a photo or a document to your pictures file or document file.


    To find the STYLES Folder you have to go to APPLICATIONS-->open ADOBE ELEMENT (the program FOLDER, not the program)-->open the PRESETS folder-->there will be lots of folders--> look for the one that says STYLES-->drag your style into it-->you're done. If you have elements open, then close it and re-open so elements can rebuild the library (add the style).


    I think it's easier because you can click on the STYLE and use the MOVE TO option. If you can't find where to move it to check out the above instructions to find the STYLES folder.

    I hope this helps. If not, don't hesitate to ask again.



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