Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cards and Other Things

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I just made a Christmas card. Now I have to find a printer. I hope I'll be able to find someone locally.

If not, there seems to be an abundance of people willing to print your work. Last year I made a photo book with iphoto. They actually put it together and I had it in my hands within a week. This was about 12 days before Christmas. A big thumbs up to them.

Flickr has partnered with Snapfish to print stuff. I recently got a pro membership with Flickr and also recieved credit for a photo book with Snapfish. My daughter tried to use my account to do a photobook. She said they made the layout easy to do. However when she wanted to add more pages they refused to accept the coupon. So if you get this deal, remember, no extra pages.

Apparently there are more than one site for them. Unknowingly she did up the book (which she had to pay for) on the American site. So she had to pay more for shipping and has to wait longer for it to arrive.

It's a going away present, so that person will have left the country before the book arrives. In short, the layout options are great, but be very careful about other details.

Those are the options that I've been involved with. If anyone knows of other online printers then leave a comment. Tell us about your experience.

I then thought about doing a portfolio in book form. I think I'll do it after the holidays.

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