Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Redesigned my Blog

I changed my blog around and added some features. At the bottom of the page is my Facebook page. Feel free to join. Also I've added a gadget for my Etsy Shop. My tag cloud resides there as well.
Finally bought some collage sheets from TumbleFish Studio. Looking forward to playing around with the great images.
Also I put up a photo on my profile, so you have a face to go with the Blog.
I'm slowly starting to make art again. I have been using  my uninspired period to collect brushes, patterns and images. Also scanning objects and images from old books including the book covers. I have aquired a very nice collection of tools to work with. A lot of what I have has come from Deviant Art. Some great free images from Flickr. Etsy has some awesome collage sheets.
Here's an ATC that I made today. It's very simple and straight forward.

© NeonSun Studios. All rights reserved J. Currie 2010.
I hope you like it. Have a great weekend!

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