Sunday, September 12, 2010

From Steampunk to Vintage

Sometimes I get this mad desire to throw out all my furniture and paint my place an oxidized copper green. Bring in white distressed furniture with robin's egg blue pillows and antique mirrored side tables. An antique bird cage with a pair of doves in the corner. Chuck in faded bubblegum pink objects and bits of pale yellow. Add chandeliers, and of course, the fireplace surround is limestone.

The joy of art is that you can skip the expensive reno and go there anyway. I'm moving into a vintage stage.  From time to time I think we all muse about a more civilized time. Handwritten letters versus emails. Junk mail had not been invented yet. A simple cup of tea instead of a tall double cappuccino with fat free milk and a shot of sugar free vanilla. Zen with lace.

© NeonSun Studios. All rights reserved 2010

So, slowly I move towards vintage. Try it on for awhile.


Here's some free backgrounds so you can explore your gentler side.


  1. This is a beauty Jody! The colors are wonderful and your shadows are fantastic! The birds really look like they're sitting on the page.

  2. Thanks. I pciked the green from a pic of rusted copper.



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