Monday, August 16, 2010

Taking a Break

Taking a break from making brushes. Decided to have some fun. So downloaded some brushes. Went to Brusheezy and downloaded a set of 50 marbles. Why you ask. Call it an impulse.

You never know when you'll need some marbles.

I also checked out this site:

You could make your mom a birthday card. I used them for this.

©NeonSun Studios-Monk: CheneySan, Background: Darkwoods, Background: JoesSistah
They're also good for a nice ghostly effect. I got carried away and used several layers. By the time I finished forgot who all the backgrounds belong to. If you see something familiar, claim it and I'll give you credit.
After that experience I decided to make something using material from one artist, JoesSistah.

I guess it's photoshop brush week here on my blog. As they say, new horizons.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jody...thanks for the wonderful links. I'll have to get me some marbles because truth is I've lost most of mine!LOL Your blog is beautiful and so is your artwork...bravo!



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