Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lighting gives life to artwork. So I've been playing around with it. I'm amzaed what a drastic difference light settings can do to a work.
 Check out->FILTER->RENDER->PHOTO FILTER.  Then have fun playing around with lighting effects. I first discovered this filter  while reading a tutorial by photographer,  James Neeley. Here's the link:
For a full list of his tutorials go here:
I just finished making a banner for my site. Everyone seems to have one. I'll show you some different looks you can get with the filter using my banner as an example.

Green Texture Channel
Finished Banner
   Omni light to spotlight eagle
So play around with this versatile filter. As you can see it can be used to highlight different elements or wash them out entirely. You can also use them to change colours or to even change the texture.

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