Thursday, August 5, 2010

Idiotic Gadgets

As you may or may not of noticed I made a promise to showcase idiotic gadgets on my blog. Last month it was smiling dogs. Yes, that's why that idiotic thing is on my blog. It is a new month so I will remove the aforementioned gadget and replace it with something equally idiotic. If you have any suggestions for a gadget leave a comment.
Wow. Than was more difficult than I thought. I tried to load, 'A widget  to help you decide things'. Sadly it was broken. So you'll have to decide all by yourself. Then I tried to load a compatibility widget. It can tell if you're compatible with someone by simply entering two names. A word of advice, "Don't try this woth your s/o. Luckily there is no chance of that because that widget is also broken. So what's a person to do? I did wrestle between Darth Vader or Mr. T quotes. Mr. T got knocked off the short list when the word, "sucka" didn't appear in the quotes. In the end I settled for mascots as sort of a bridge between smiling animals and Darth Vader quotes.

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